This site works as a playground to a more general take on building GUIX using web technologies. Things experimented here will be extracted and adapted into a framework | library | conceptialisation, eventually. It'll be open, but meanwhile consider supporting the work & procrastinational life by buying or hiring.

Grav CMS Theme

Get the sourcefiles that make this site to display. Comes with no warranty nor support nor page content, and should be seen as a source of inspiration rather than a ready-for-production theme. Or, by all means, dive into the html & css, it's always public.



First versions (eetuahanen.net ca. 12010) of the site were utilizing static html documents with tables & images to create layouts and borders. Css was added, then jquery. New domain (eetuahanen.com), wordpress, G analytics, social media buttons and integrations. Migrating from wordpress to Grav CMS (ca. D'14±1), using less for styles. Updating the layout & content multiple times until D'15|16. Data rotting for years without any other updates than added https certificate in D'19Q4.

Several attempts to rework the site & layout failed due to too big ambitions, until D'21Q1. This time not setting up a local development server, but commiting all edits to production kept the process straightforward and no turning back. Grav-base and content remains the same, but things've been turned upside down. Removed all scripts, cookies, analytics, socialmedias, trackings, leaving just the CMS with css.